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Welcome to American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting Resources' home page. The links and search box to the left will lead you to a collection of essays, reports, observations and book reviews regarding the ASL interpreting process and profession. To learn more about this page, please visit the about section or post a message on our Message Board. You can also quickly browse the What's New section to see what noteworthy items have been added to the site. If you have not found what you are looking for here, I recommend browsing some of the links offered to the right, as well as the search and content boxes.

These resources are fueled by the works of many! If you would like to add some of your own work, research, book reviews or recommended reading please email me. The more resources the better this site will be; spread the word!


What's New!

RID 2003 Conference Journal: I went to my first RID National Conference this year in Chicago. Here are my reflections, revelations, reminiscences, and regrets, told not entirely without a sense of humor and perspective. Enjoy.

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